Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings
This is our favorite way to enjoy wings. Make use of the bundle discount & enjoy them yourself !
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Seasonings, optional

Wings  (We package them, 10 wing pieces per pack; Bundle deal includes 10 packs.)

Butter, oil, lard, or tallow (to grease pan.)

We dump approx. 1 cup flour (of your choice) in a clear,
food-grade bag. 

Add 1 tsp. salt & optional preferred seasonings. Shake gently.

Drain the juice from wings, then add 1 pk. of wings to the flour mixture.

Toss gently until wings are nicely covered.

(You may need more flour, or you might have some extra in the bottom of the bag. Depending on the type of flour, sometimes it takes more, or less.)

Arrange wings on a greased cook-ware pan, & bake at 350'  approx. 1 hour, flipping halfway through; at approx. 30 min.

1 pk. Wings Serves approx. 2 - 4 people. 

(Currently, for our family of 5 young children, we enjoy 3
packs at 1 meal.)

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