Our definition of Farming; to enjoy God's creation every day - - &  to enhance our table (& yours!) with nutritious victuals from earth's bounty. 

about our farm

So often we don't feel well because of what we feed our bodies.

Have you ever thought about this... a lot of folks have their own
personal doctor, dentist, banker, lawyer and even a personal auto

So why not have a personal farmer, too? 

A farmer you can trust to grow nourishing food for your family and children.

Here, at Meadow Run Farm, we like to keep our products as simple & clean as possible.

Chickens, turkeys, sheep, cattle & pigs have access to lush grasses, & freedom to express themselves in the way nature intended.  

Poultry & Pigs also receive free choice grain feed from our own homegrown & homemade feed ration. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to raise our own grain & know that there have been no chemicals or GMO's involved.

Sheep & cattle graze only & while the grass is unavailable during the winter, we feed them grass hay.